Tactical Equipment


With manufacturer relationships across the world, JJ Tactical is one of the very few UK companies to have access to the most modern Military and Defence weaponry available.  Government clients in particular benefit from a unique portal in solving any number of Homeland Defence issues with JJ Tactical as the conduit to efficient, timely and legal supply of Arms, Munitions and other  Military and Defence Equipment. Certain equipment will attract the need for End User Certificates (EUC):

  • Weapons (Small Arms – SMG / Rifle / Pistol / Sniper)
  • Weapon Sights (Sniper / Combat / Infra-Red / Thermal)
  • Night Vision Systems
  • Fixed Wing Aviation (Fast Air / Transport – incl SUKHOI SU-30)
  • Rotary (Attack & Transport Helicopters – incl Mi24 / Mi35)
  • Artillery (105mm & 155mm)
  • Anti-Aircraft Weapons
  • Radar Systems (Intergrated& Stand-Alone)
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC / Command / Medical)
  • Logistic Vehicles (Trucks / Pickups / 4x4)
  • Marine Protection Vessels
  • IED & Bomb Disposal Equipment
  • Communications Systems & Networking
  • Military Satellite Communications
  • Communication Monitoring Systems
  • Electronic Counter Measures

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