JJ Tactical’s discreet approach to resolving a government’s Military, Defence and Intelligence concerns are uniquely comprehensive.  It is JJ Tactical’s unrivalled global access to Military and Defence equipment manufacturers as well as superior Intelligence resources that affords international governments the confidence in JJ Tactical’s solutions delivery.

JJ Tactical specialises in providing government consultation and equipment in the following areas:

* Military and Defence
* Intelligence
* Police Services
* Immigration & Customs
* Maritime Protection
* Aviation Security
* Prison Services
* Asset Protection
* Close Protection
* Homeland Security
* Critical National Infrastructure
* Communications Security
* Location Specific Security
* Residential Security
* Venue Security
* Defence Construction (Police / Border / Barracks / Armoury / Factory)
* Aviation Security & Airport Construction
* Defence& Security Reviews
* Aviation Maintenance & Repair Operations (MRO)
* Aviation Upgrades (C130 / Helicopters)


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